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Jimmy Smith has been teaching Skype guitar lessons for 7 years now establishing himself as one of the best online guitar teachers. With Skype guitar lessons the students are able to connect online with Jimmy through Skype, ooVoo, Yahoo Messenger or Google Hangout, High-speed internet and webcams.

Guitar lessons online allow the student to learn from the comfort of their own home or office. The student is more relaxed, focused and ready to learn. No more running around town fighting traffic to get from point A to point B and back home again. Skype guitar lessons are working great for guitar students around the world. Online guitar lessons are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Jimmy's guitar lessons are custom fit to the students interests and goals.
You will learn just enough theory to make you dangerous. Note value, how arrangements work, why some chords work together and some don't. Harmony, melody, and rhythm. Emphasis is on ear training.
This is the most important of all. You will study pop music, note value, and a secret on how you will never run out of rhythm ideas.
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One of the fundamentals of playing any instrument is mastering the control of individual notes on top of the mechanical process of actually playing them. If you want to express something on the guitar, you must work on your dynamics.

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